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About Us

Exynas Research and Surveys” is a service providing company in the research and survey sector in Sri Lanka. We offer island-wide professional, reliable and excellent services including providing human resources, data handling,facilitate management and consultancy assistance.

The company consist of experienced and qualified management, multi-disciplinary consultant pool representing different fields.

Further, we are armed with qualified technical staff and skillful enumerators for data collection, data tabulation, statistical analysis, designing, organizing,conducting research and surveys and report compilation.

We have the largest enumerator base of experienced graduates and undergraduates in the country.

Novel techniques in surveying eg: E-smart survey (mobile survey)

We are conducting surveys using smart phones instead of paper base questionnaire surveys. It is an accurate and time saving method compared to paper base surveying.

2000+ enumerator base

All enumerators are graduates/undergraduates scattered throughout the country representing different fields and gender balanced multi ethnic working environment.

Multi-disciplinary expertise pool

Multi-disciplinary expertise pool

Professional and experienced technical staff

Provide Technical assistant with experienced staff in relevant fields.

End to end Solution

Exynas offers a wide range of service packages related to research and survey.

Customizable service packages

Service packages can be customized according to the clients’ requirements.

Looking for a First-Class Talented Enumerators?