Our Services

Exynas is a comprehensive service provider to research and survey sector by covering vast areas including market, social, economic and environmental etc. We offer list of services including design and conducting research and surveys, supply of talented human resources, data handling and analyzing, wide area of technical services, reporting, consulting and management services .

Designing & Organizing Research & Surveys

Designing and organizing research and surveys to achieve your goals with the help of our technical staff and consultancy pool.

Providing and managing human resource for research and surveys

Provide skillful human resources from the relevant fields according to your requirement.

Questionnaire Preparation

Provide professional and qualified human resources to prepare questionnaires as you desire.

Coordination & Conducting of Research & Surveys

Coordination of your research or surveys under the supervision of our experienced management team.


Data Collection & Tabulation

Collection and tabulation of data using precise techniques.

Statistical Analyzing

Statistical analysis using SAS, SPSS, R, STATA and Minitab with our qualified technical staff

Report Preparation

Preparation of impartial reports following international standards.

Offer strategic consultancies in collaboration with expertise

Offer consultancy services with expertise in relevant field to make sure your project is being success

UAV/drone based applications & Services

Offer a vast service package using UAV (drone)

Mapping (Orthomosaic/3D/GIS), Surveying, Documentary preparation, Photography and Videography

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