We are a service providing company in to Research and Survey sector in Sri Lanka. We offers a menu of services including supply of talented human resources for surveying and research, wide area of technical services in the sector and consulting and management services.

“Exypnos survey solutions” is a leading service providing company in the research and survey sector of Sri Lanka by covering a vast area of social surveys, economic surveys, census etc.

“Exypnos survey solutions” is a leading service providing company in the research and survey sector by offering Island wide professional, reliable an excellent service for human resource, technical, management and consultancy assistances.

The company consist with experienced and qualified management, multi-disciplinary advisory and consultant pool representing different areas and skillful technical staff for data collection, data tabulation, statistical analyzing, designing and organizing surveys and report compilation.

We have the island largest enumerator base of experienced graduates and undergraduates. It is one of our quality standards indication of providing a professional service to our clients.

  • Novel techniques in surveying eg: E-smart survey (mobile survey)

  • More than 2000 enumerators (graduates/undergraduates) scattered throughout the country representing different fields.

  • Multi-disciplinary expertise pool

  • Professional and experienced technical staff

  • Offering Wide range of services

  • Customizable service packages

  • Experienced and qualified management structure

  • Gender balanced Multi ethnic working environment

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Consulting Exynos really helped us achieve our financial goals. The slick presentation along with fantastic readability ensures that our financial standing is stable.

Amanda Silva
Marketing Manager, Little Ice Ltd.

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